"The Krasin defense - 2" - Ukranian premiere on ICTV

Life in a provincial town was subject to the laws of local authorities. But it is time to play outside the rules of law enforcement. Krasin swears to find those involved in the killing of his comrade.

According to the plot the protagonist, head of the homicide department, learns of the death of his friend - director of a large paper mill, Ivan Mitrofanov. When they arrive on the scene, Krasin discovers abandoned «Volga» next to the corpses of director and his driver. Outwardly incident reminds banal robbery.

However, Colonel immediately becomes suspicious of the fact that Mitrofanov died on the way to the factory to prevent the raider takeover, which was being prepared by a major regional businessman Arnold Opryatin. Exposing this criminal traffickers and, concurrently, the local MP has long been the main task of the special services. In this case, they are lucky to have Krasin on board, with his unique experience in protecting critical witnesses ...

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