Raid to Belarus

Materials from the business newspaper "The View"

Russian TV series «Raid. Merger and acquisitions» is being shot in Minsk.

During the Soviet times, when cinematographers had to shoot a «bourjois» foreign country, they were sent to Baltic States or to other countries of the socialist commonwealth. Swiss Berne in the famous Soviet series «Seventeen Moments of Spring» was filmed in Riga. City Bodenverder in the film «Same Munchausen» was portrayed by Wernigerode in the GDR. But this summer, Russian filmmakers went to Minsk to picture a Russian province in the series «Reid. Merger and acquisitions ».

The action series, which is being filmed by TVINDI film studio is commissioned by the channel NTV, and takes place in a major Russian city, where a team of raiders, the pirates of the twenty-first century, take over and ruin plants and factories. This group is infiltrated by an art college student from London, Olga (actress Daria Charusha), who returned to Russia from England to avenge the death of her father.

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